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About: 20 ans, je parle français/hablo español/I speak English


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are straight boys obligated to touch the top of every door frame??

We do it as an act of cleansing for the times our hands accidentally brush against our bros’ hands

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Marsha P Johnson by Andy Warhol


Marsha P Johnson by Andy Warhol

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dying before your friends and welcoming them to hell like


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Cher 1970s


Cher 1970s

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On The Economics of The @ Feature: A Short Treatise


It is free.

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coke will NEVER have iconic commercials

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Lilo and Stitch presenting an accurate representation of Hawaiians perspective on luaus held by tourists. 

#what’s sad about this is that this is actually what Hawaiians had to do when the western culture took over #a luau was a sacred practice #until the westerners took the concept and had the audacity to change it into a time to stuff your face with food and put on grass skirts and coconut bras and dance the hula #and when they had these events, they didn’t even let actual Hawaiian people in #so to make money to take care of themselves, the Hawaiians were hired to work in these disgraceful events to clean up after the tourists like slaves only to make less than a buck #so good job disney for doing your fucking research and educating these people #sadly, this still goes on even until today and it makes me sick

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